Author: Bhaavna AroraFinal book cover

Genre: Drama/Chick-lit

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Pages: 148

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’m not a reader of Indian authors, but this one was on my list ever since I got to know about it. Although I was very scared to read it for the fear of finding it too commercialized due to lot of sex or for the fear of finding no sex at all, I still started it as the book was really small and I finished it in like a couple of hours and so it was a good bargain for me.

After plunging half way into the book, I started to realize what a mistake it would have been to miss this novel. The story is not something extraordinary or out of the box, it’s actually story of millions of girls in India who struggle after their marriage due to it being a total arranged affair or male dominating mentality and tons of other reasons.

I’ll begin with a little summary without giving away too much.

Rihanna is an educated, smart and confident young girl who knows her priorities and doesn’t mind in keeping them in front of people. She belongs to a respectable family with a well settled business and image in society. She is asked for marriage by Veer after she meets him a couple times and her parents fix her up in an arranged marriage with him soon after getting to know that he too like them belongs to a rich and well-off family with an established business. Shortly after she meets Veer, Rihanna finds herself married and sent to Delhi to start a new life with her husband. Knowing so little about him, Rihanna begins unfolding habits of her husband that are not just annoying but mentally torturing. She finds herself on a completely new road of her life where she balances between keeping her marriage intact, pursuing her happiness and bearing the societal pain of showing that everything is perfect in her married life. The pressure from her parents, the constant begging of Veer forces Rihanna to give her crumbling marriage chances more than it deserves, but the building pressure blows off one day and she decides to do something that she never expected herself to.

Basically this book has all the dilemmas most Indian girls face after marriage regardless to what class they belong to. I liked it because it depicts true Indian mentality and how people are quick to blame women in every god damn matter (which, of course is not India’s problem alone, this happens all over the world. Women are the quickest target). Anyway, the only thing I didn’t like was the over emphasis on why sex and orgasm is equally important to women. We all know that now. And even if the author wanted to, she could have shown it more rather than telling after every sex scene that how important it is for a woman to have orgasm and most women don’t even know what it is. Whenever I came to it, I was like…okay we got it, lets move on!

It’s a nice read and all women should give it a read. The book is pretty tiny too…so you know.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.