Is it that time of year when they release super awesome Marvel movie that sends you into kill-for-the-ticket mode. Oh yes it is!

When the initial trailer of Captain America: Civil War was released it brought out fans from all corners of the world to join the adventure to unfold.

Everybody knew that it was not going to be just another Captain America movie; it was a real Avengers deal, bringing the best superheroes out together for a game (including Spider Man this time. I’m inclined to argue that they could have used Hulk as well, but lets leave it for now).

And so, when Captain America: Civil War released worldwide, and my brother said to me that we’re going, I was all –


Well, we may have used slightly different mediums of transportation!

First, let me be clear as to what side I am and will always be. I belong to team Iron Man. I have my share of loyalties towards Robert Downey Jr slash Iron Man slash Sherlock Holmes; and if you find my review slightly biased then –


The story: Political interference in activities of avengers causes a rift. While Iron Man and his bunch is on the keep it cool side, Captain America and his team of rebels are not so cooperative because Captain has his friend Bucky to save from a plot crafted against him. The fight intensifies leading to some kick ass action and amazingly hilarious male cat-fight scenes. It is like friends playing in the backyard.

The Good: What I found best was they didn’t fail to show importance of every Avenger regardless of varying fandoms for each of them. The fight between Ant Man and Spider Man for instance really took me rolling. The ending too was nice (though I would have been happier if the finishing punch had been Iron Man’s…ahem!). This movie is one of those rare that live up to the hype created before their release. From beginning to end, each scene, every piece of dialogue, each action sequence nailed the superhero movies meter a thousand times.

The Bad: As much as it hurts me to say this, there was this slightly, remotely, not-so-important thing I didn’t like about Captain America: Civil War. The ending could have been little more appropriate in the sense that I didn’t find the bad guy’s motive behind taking all that trouble very significant. I mean it was hard for me to swallow that he actually did what he did for such a reason. I don’t even remember his name…see, my point!

The best scene: There were so many in this movie, and although my attention was very adorably taken away by the Spider Man-Iron Man meeting at former’s Aunt’s house, the best scene remains the under tunnel action sequence between Captain America, Black Panther and Bucky which included car flying and bike chasing and all that boom boom.

This movie is simply a must watch for people of all age groups especially the likers of superheroes and action movies.

Until next review…