This one took very long time!

The first movie, Finding Nemo came when I was in school and I still remember watching it almost every weekend on Disney Channel. Aah! Those days. It was one of those movies that annoying kids play every time without getting tired. Trust me I can still watch every scene with utter focus and equal mirth.

The initial news about Finding Dory had me all – Nah! They’re never gonna get it as right as Finding Nemo. And though I was somewhat correct on that, I was also pretty excited to see all those characters come back to life again.


All focus on the review now! The movie was pretty decent in terms of characters, plot, back story links and funny mishaps. I must point out though, that it lacked the kind of humor the first movie had. Okay, I can’t help it; I will always compare it with Finding Nemo.

The Good: In simple words, the movie was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. At one moment Dory was here, then she was there, and then she was with her parents in a flash back. The movie was all about instincts and due to her memory problem poor Dory had no choice but to go with the flow, which was one hell of a tragedy for her fellow mates, especially Hank.

The Bad: Talking about Hank – the octopus with camouflaging abilities; I really liked him in all the scenes and his character was equally intriguing, but what bothered me was that his story was not given much importance. They could at least have shown why he wanted to go to Cleveland so bad, to walk away from all the past memories. It was so sad not to know him that well. Apart from this, the movie was a complete havoc. I understand the motive of these movies is complete entertainment without necessarily making sense, but you can’t just throw fishes from tank to tank and mysteriously lead them to their destination.


The Best Scene: When Hank gets behind the wheels and Dory gives him instructions on the navigation. That scene was really something. There was so much going on both inside and outside the truck; each moment of it was a complete riot. I also loved it wherever Destiny and the seals came.

So…Finding Dory may not be as good as Finding Nemo, but its definitely worth watching to relive all the childhood memories and to cherish Dory’s side of game. Because of this I’m really expecting a Finding Hank soon to be thrown at us 😉

Until next review –

keep swimming