Author: Victoria AveyardGlass_Sword.jpg

Series: Second in Red Queen series

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 444

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Glass Sword starts exactly after the end of first part. So, if you haven’t read the first one – Red Queen, then there’s no point starting this. You’ll miss all the fun!

The story revolves around Mare Barrow, the red girl with silver abilities and her bunch of rebels that belong to both red and silver bloods. She’s on the lookout for other people like her – born with red blood in their veins but with abilities of silver in their bodies. After a heart shattering betrayal from Maven, Mare is more careful with choosing her friends and is firm on meeting her goals and to put down Maven even if it means betraying some people on her side.

The Good: The best part of the book is the action and people with supernatural abilities fighting with each other. The epic tale is compelling from first to the last page, with massive action, captivating story and amazing characters that live with you even after you close down the book. Cal’s situation especially is very challenging and helpless. The ending is so good that you already wish to start the third part which sadly is not releasing before February 2017.

The Bad: I haven’t been a fan of Mare Barrow for the fact that she boasts of her powers all the time and that too not to the world but to herself. This usually happens with first person POVs and so I really can’t blame her for repeating how powerful she is every time she sees a human or object she can roast to death.

Overall the book is extremely good and there’s no way anybody who happens to be a fan of fantasy novels should miss it.

I give this one a clear 5 out of 5 stars.