“Pearson Specter Litt”

What will happen to this name? Is my biggest question from the upcoming season. Yes, Suits Season 6 is just around the corner, releasing July 13th 2016 on USA Network.



Season 5 Loopholes

Despite being a very different season, it had many loopholes and annoying moments which led me to question our so loved characters’ abilities.

  • When God’s Green Earth reality hit Harvey as something fishy about Anita Gibbs, why didn’t he do anything about it? He has always said that when someone pulls a gun at you, you snatch it and point right back. May be it was all the pressure to save Mike that blocked Harvey’s saner side of mind, but I didn’t really expect him to go all defensive and afraid. He’s Harvey, come on!
  • The trial was a complete thumbs down. Gibbs didn’t even have a proper case let alone a single piece of evidence against Mike. All she was playing on was an e-mail she received about a possible fraud, that was all. How could a closer like Harvey and a super-mind possessor like Mike be so helpless in front of her??

do not like

The good thing about Season 5 was that it was heart pumping, with off the edge scenes and a very sad ending which will form a benefiting reason for Season 6 opening as all fans are hungry to see what happens to Mike Ross in or after prison, and also what will be the future of Pearson Specter Litt.

My Expectation From Season 6

  • A separation between Mike and Rachel (I know, I’m mean)
  • A kiss between Harvey and Donna
  • Pearson Specter Litt finally on the other side of the game but still kicking asses
  • Harvey going after Anita Gibbs like a revengeful wolf
  • Jessica sticking it out to Jeffrey for not standing with her at the time of need.
  • Donna and Scottie cat fight

girl fight.gif

Okay enough!

I’m all set for 6th Season and have high hopes, though I have a strong feeling the series won’t go beyond a couple seasons more. Suits Season 6 premieres 13th July at 9/8c on USA Network and it will be a 16 episode season.