If there’s one thing I cannot see, then that’s a dewy-eyed Harvey Specter.

Suits S06E02 “Accounts Payable” was all about paying back. Everybody lost something in this episode.

Suits Season 6 Episode 2

Against her needs, Jessica had to loan money to support Jack Soloff’s buy-in.

Against his own rules, Kevin had to risk his rapport with Frank in order to save Mike.

Against her desires, Rachel had to lose her chance of meeting Mike.

And against his wishes, Harvey had to let go off the beloved duck painting on his office’s wall, the story of which was revealed first time in the series. It was painted by his mother long ago when he didn’t know about her affairs.

I took a closer look at the painting and realized that it was never a duck, it was an alligator holding a doll. It always appeared as a duck to me and I think it did to everyone. The painting’s name is Listen Closely.

Listen Closely - Dcuk Painting in Harvey's Office

Talking about the episode, we now know that Frank isn’t a small deal. He’s capable of doing huge damages physically and emotionally which would be a pretty good drama to look forward to.

Despite all the tension and gravity of issues there are good points of humor, thanks to Donna and Gretchen.

Harvey is going through some serious traumatic times, he’s taking Mike’s absence pretty badly and we’re finally getting to see the softer side of him.

Pearson Specter Litt is not looking like a law firm anymore which is getting slightly agitating. I mean, isn’t it a little unrealistic? They don’t even have a receptionist now and they’re joking around most of the time. They need to start hiring!

Suits S06E02 Accounts Payable has given some major kicks to the season and I’m looking forward to the next episode airing 27th July.