Holy Shit!!!

The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer was released at Comic-Con some days ago and my God! There has been a conjecturing storm all over the internet with the craziest fans brainstorming ideas and speaking out their respective train of theories as to who got killed by Lucille slash Negan.

Watch the trailer here – The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

While a less than a second shot of Negan in the middle of the video has caused many to point out that its either Abraham, Maggie, Michonne or Sasha; others think that the shot was too dark and short to say who could have been the victim. And though I spent at least an hour in pausing an re-watching that tiny shot and also fishing out the last scenes of the sixth season, I reached the conclusion that I belong to the latter group. Nobody can say who died, except for the genius directors of course who took away our right to know.

Here’s a glimpse of the shot in question –

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer shot 3

Sorry for the quality, I got it off the YouTube video and I’m not an image cropping/editing expert.

In the image we can see that there are three people in the scene. The middle one is Negan of course, hitting his target, which leaves 2 other people in picture; one with a hoodie thing on the left and the long haired fellow on the right. The video analyzers, dissectors and bisectors are saying that the long haired guy is Dwight. But, its clearly not him, Dwight has shorter hair.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer shot 4

See? My point.

I tried finding that hoodie guy in the last episode of season 6 and couldn’t locate him no matter how much I imagined him in that beanie wearing guy (the next to next person from Dwight).

So, while many fans and video experts have opined different names, the truth is we cannot be sure who died, period! I have a very awful feeling that its gonna be Daryl….Okay, don’t kill me now.

Everybody is on one topic – Who got served by Lucille. Nobody wants to talk about the trailer on the whole. So here I am making an exception for you.

To be truthful, I didn’t like The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer as much as I would have had they ended Season 6 decently. The trailer would have been a completely different thing (what’s the right word? Yeah! Exciting) had they given a proper ending to the last season. That way we could have known what our major characters (the ones left of course) would be doing in the coming season. They are showing us Tara with a trembling knife and expecting us to do “Woah that would be nice to look forward to, won’t it!”. I’m sorry, but my anger from the last season finale resurfaced after watching this trailer. Can’t help it.

I must say I liked it where they introduced King Ezekiel and Shiva the tiger. Have to say something good, you know. I’m an old fan of the show, can’t be all “I hate you!” 😀

I also am looking forward to watching Carol in Season 7. She has evolved into the most kick-ass character of the show. She’s a chameleon.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres 23rd October. Mark your calendars and let me know in the comments below if you too think that the trailer could have been so much more worth watching had we known who died in the last episode. Would love to know your views about it.

Until next time, Hail Shiva !!!