A New Way Of Life

There can be no question about it. Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Trailer was a 100 times better than The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer.

Think about it, what did The Walking Dead trailer give us? Nothing!

Nothing as to what’s happening at Alexandria, with people Rick left behind. They did show us Tara, Enid and many other developing characters, but of course they don’t generate the excitement and shocks the show is famous for. All because they couldn’t show us the major characters for obvious reasons.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Second Half trailer revealed some pretty bad ass people and situations to look forward to.

Watch the trailer here: Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Trailer.

Beginning with this –

Fear the walking dead Tijuana

We see some sort of punishment or sacrifice here at Tijuana, the place Nick is headed to after splitting with his family. Nick is a smart kid, the smartest in the group after Alicia, I must say. I didn’t expect him to just wander off after what happened in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 mid-season finale.

But, he has a mind of his own and he definitely knows how to survive. He has been a creepy guy ever since his role as Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I like creepy!


In other parts of trailer, we see Madison, Victor, Alicia and Ofelia finding shelter in a hotel that’s sort of a mystery. It looks abandoned in the beginning but then there are people falling off the upper floors and it somewhat looks like the old Walking Dead when things were all about finding a shelter.

Coming to Travis and Chris.

Chris Fear The Walking Dead

This kid should be killed, asap! He is not just a trouble seeker, he is a trouble creator. Always looking to fuck everything up. I won’t be surprised if Travis will be walking among the dead because of him real soon in the show.

All in all, I’m not really a fan of this trailer but it was definitely definitely more exciting than The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. If you haven’t watched it yet, find it here: The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. Its boring!

Let me know your thoughts about both the trailers in the comments below. Which one did you like more and stuff. Would love to know.