Author: Kim EdwardsTheMemoryKeepersDaughter

Pages: 401

Genre: Drama

My Rating: 1 out of 5


About: A bunch of depressed people trying to find more ways to fuck up their lives.


This book is sad, I mean really sad and you should not read it unless you want to be…really sad!

David Henry delivers his own twins out of emergency, a boy and a girl. Phoebe, the girl has Down’s Syndrome and to save his wife and son from the trouble of having such a child and sibling, David gives Phoebe away to the nurse Caroline Gil who decides to keep the child. Thinking that his intentions are for the good, David tells his wife Norah that Phoebe died at birth, but it only worsens things and they remain sad their whole life, raise a sad son who promises to be sad all his damn sad life.

At first it was all good and I was very excited to read this one. The story began at a really good point and I had this huge expectation from this so called “multi-million copy seller”. The descriptions were vivid but they soon became over the top and unnecessary. Not to mention, no points in the story generated any dramatic events and page turning interests.

Talking about the good factors of the story…


Oh! I forgot, there’s nothing good about this story. My bad.

All in all, you should not read this book under any circumstance unless somebody asks you to read it at gun point. I would have given it a zero out of 5 if I could. Oh wait! Yes, I can. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter gets a zero out of five. Now, you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Until next review, find something good to read 🙂

Wait! They have made a movie too?