What happened here?
You don’t know?
Why would I?
Google it!

And that’s exactly what I felt about this episode. Suits Season 6 Episode 5 “Trust” turned out to be one of the most confusing and upsetting episode for me this season. Not only I had to pick all the pieces together and give a hard try to feel excited about this episode, I also am going through the pain of writing a review for it.

Harvey and Sean Suits Season 6

Quick summary time! Harvey and Sean are doing some beyond-my-understanding lawyer thing to get Mike out. Either I’m under-qualified to understand all those law terms or the show is just trying to throw us in a I-am-too-smart-for-you whirlpool. Whatever the case, they are just boring me down! Rachel is keen on helping Leonard Bailey and is willing to work harder for it. Donna and Louis are finding a house for Louis so that he gets to spend more time with Tara. Mike is trying to extract information from Kevin about his real reason for being in prison, and Jessica Pearson is trying to get her firm back on top again.

Jessica and Harvey

I’m totally demented by what’s happening among Harvey, Sean, Mike and Kevin. The situation is way twisted and is sadly not gaining my attention. In fact I’m getting pretty annoyed by it.

Meanwhile, I’m liking Rachel’s effort and would love to see how she proves that Bailey is innocent (in case he is). Also, my heart goes out to Louis, who is so into Tara, the architect that he’s ready to spend a fortune in buying a big house and then get it remodeled just so she could know him better. I find it really cute.

aww gif

Unfortunately, the show and this episode in particular takes all the limelight away from these interesting situations, focusing on the not-so-entertaining Mike and Harvey game to get the former out of prison.

Overall, the episode was a huge disappointment and so I am calling it just a filler episode. I hope the coming episodes will have something better to give me.

Suits Season 6 Episode 6 airs August 17 on USA Network.

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