Author: J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

Pages: 330

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 4 out of 5

About: Harry Potter’s son Albus finds himself in trouble when he goes on a little adventure to prove he is not just Harry Potter’s son. While doing so, Albus risks lives of his father, his cousin Rose and may even resurrect Lord Voldemort.

Where do I begin. This book is special. It was on my TBR ever since the news of its release spread and I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. I put all my readings on hold to read this and so my review is slightly biased in its favor.

Albus is the only child in the family that finds it difficult to be a part of it. He’s different and he doesn’t get the benefits of being a Potter child. In spite of his hard tries, Harry Potter sends his child Albus in a deeper shell which causes Albus to run away. But, Albus puts his trust in wrong people and in his attempt to fix everything, he risks the world he lives in and may even cause the Dark Lord’s return.

The Good

  • When you start a book beginning at King’s Cross Station, between platform 9 and 10, it is a good start no matter what the plot is.
  • I admired Scorpius’s character. He is one of my favorites from this story. The fact that he’s nothing like his father or the family he belongs to makes him a loving character.
  • The friendship between Albus and Scorpius is unexpected and strangely good.
  • The climax gives us the same symbolic endings as we have seen in previous Harry Potter books with complicated situations, extensive drama and good fights.
  • We see Harry, Ron and Hermione in the best future we could have imagined for them. Its almost perfect.
  • I liked how Draco Malfoy succeeded in shredding his dark side and changing for good.
  • Part 1 of the play is a bit annoying and monotonous, but soon after that the story gains pace and gives us what we like.

The Bad

  • This is not a novel, but a script of the stage play. Many people didn’t know it before buying the book. I did and I was expecting the format to be a bit different for obvious reasons.
  • Albus is an annoying child. Until the first part of the play is over, all he does is be a pain in his parents’ ass or walk around playing the victim. Its hard to maintain interest with such main characters by your side.
  • Though the hard bound book looks big, the story is pretty small. I finished it in 2 reads. Its nothing like the beautiful, magical and in depth Harry Potter novels.
  • The wizarding world is so much bigger than just time traveling.

The Flaws

As much as I hate to say it, I found some flaws in the story, which I didn’t like, mainly because they came from the book of someone as good as J.K. Rowling. For example –

  • When Scorpius comes to the library to speak to Albus, the latter is in the impression that the time-turner is lost. But when Scorpius reveals it to him, he suddenly had the whole plan of traveling back to the second task ready along with a Gillyweed in his pocket.
  • Another glitch was when both kids decide to destroy the time-turner and Albus sends an owl to fetch Delphi. How much time did it take for an owl to reach her? Was it equal to Albus and Scorpius running down their dormitories and climbing up the Owlery? Let us say that they used a very fast owl and it reached St Oswalds home for old witches and wizards, which happens to be in Yorkshire, right in time for the boys to be in the West tower of Hogwarts Castle. The fastest way Delphi could have used to reach them was Apparition and we all know that none can Apparate/Disapparate in and out of Hogwarts.

I would have given it 3 stars as I’m not too fond of plays. But, like I said, we’re talking about the Harry Potter series here and so I give it 4 out of 5

Until next time –

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