William Sutter: “This kid’s no Sean Cahill”

Harvey: “This kid made Sean Cahill look like a fool…without even having a law degree”

Suits Season 6 is back on track with its latest episode “Spain”.

The episode opens at a heart-attack giving scene and maintains a smooth pace throughout those 45 minutes.

Harvey and Mike

Quick Summary Time! Mike wakes up from a nightmare where Harvey breaks the news of Rachel’s death to him. The nightmare is a ramification of Kevin’s confession of drunk driving and almost killing someone in the act. Mike seeks help of his counselor to teach him to behave normal in front of Kevin so that Mike can extract still pending information from him.

Outside the prison, Harvey and Sean are pulling all strings to buy enough time on Sutter’s case. Kevin finally tells Mike that he went to prison on behalf of someone he loves, the kind of thing Mike did to protect Harvey.

Donna manages to get Louis some time to spend with Messer in the house he has bought. In between there meeting, original house owners come back and say that they refuse Louis’s offer. An angry Tara leaves, but Louis stops her and explains why he did what he did. Impressed by Louis’s efforts, she agrees to go on a date with him.

Rachel finds herself short of time when Leonard Bailey’s execution date is set and immediately goes to Jessica for help.

Rachel Zane

Things are beginning to make sense and the time is not far when we will get to see some real action and consequences of all the efforts and lies weaved through the season. Judging by the number of episodes left for the season, which is 3, the next episode is gonna be some treat for the fans.

In the episode, we see that Kevin is emerging out as a good guy against the speculations of him being a secret friend to Frank (I admit, I was one of those speculators). Now, its gonna be extremely tough for Mike. He will have to choose between his freedom and ditching his friend, who fought somewhat similar battles as Mike did.

While this is happening, we see an unconcerned-about-Mike-situation Rachel fighting tooth and nails to keep Leonard Bailey’s case top in her priority list. She is strong, focused and determined to not get distracted by her own life’s problems.

Also, pretty important to mention, we see some soft side of Sean Cahill for the first time in the show when he reveals about his mother. All the time, in the episode, I was wondering why they named it “Spain” and when Sean walked in the office, saying that his mother always wanted to visit Spain but never could, because of William Sutter’s company’s investment with state teacher’s pension fund, it all started to make sense. Now its very much clear why Sean is so badly after the guy.

Donna is back to her Donna-self again, and thank God for that! She manages to get Louis everything on time and we can never know how. She is Donna, she has her ways! We see Louis discussing his…ah…well love for woods with her and the conversation is humorous. Its funny how Louis never realizes some things.

Tara is beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated; and its natural for Louis to fall for her, but I never expected him to fall so HARD 😀

Louis and Tara 2

What did you think of Suits s06E06 “Spain”? Did you like it as much as I did? Feel free to hit the comments section below and share your thoughts.

I cannot wait for Suits S06E07 “Shake The Trees” which airs on 24th August.

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