Death is not to be feared…but, it shouldn’t be pursued

Part 2 of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 is back.

With only 4 episodes left in its kitty, the show has yet to find a solid ground in order to maintain steady viewership for the next season.

If asked to describe it in few words, Fear The Walking Dead S02E08 “Grotesque” was slow and gross. We only see Nick’s side of story, as other important characters wait for next episode.

Quick Summary Time! Nick goes on his own way, away from his mother, sister and recently made friends, in search of something even he doesn’t know. Shortly after he begins his journey, his supplies are snatched away from him and he comes face to face with some bandits who chase him into wilderness. Nick finds solace near a deserted van, but on waking up he’s attacked by two large dogs and bitten by one in the leg. A pack of coming walkers eat the dogs then, and Nick is saved. Nick blends in with those walkers by applying blood of the infected on his body and watches as the walkers make those bandits their next victims. Soon the infection of the dog bite takes over and Nick passes out. He wakes up and continues his journey with a wounded leg his priority to fix. The people at Tijuana find him and take him to their community where a doctor attends to Nick’s wound. Throughout the episode, Nick remembers some important events of his past life.

Nick and Madison Fear The Walking Dead S02E08

Okay! Where do I begin. I’m still finding it hard to decide whether I liked this episode or not. We were shown reasons behind Nick’s current behavior and very significant details of his past, before the plague took over. Nick’s father died in a car accident while he was spending his time in rehab. He also had a girlfriend, who definitely became a walker in the first season, as far as I could remember. She was beautiful for sure.

Nick and GF Fear The Walking Dead S02E08

We saw Nick doing some really gross things to survive. For example –

  1. Eating trying to eat a cactus
  2. Drinking his own urine. Youch!
  3. Eating dead, infected dogs. Youch youch!!
  4. Enjoying the company of walkers
  5. Drinking rain, which was not gross actually, after all that happened

Did I cover all of it? Please remind me if I left something out, because those were really some gross piece of acts.

Nick Fear The Walking Dead S02E08

Moving on. Nick decided to leave his group in search of something. I really couldn’t reason out with his behavior at first, but after his father’s tragic death was revealed and all that drug addiction and rehabilitation history, it became somewhat reasonable. I think, what he wants is to be at a place where the deads/walkers are given respect and not treated as monsters. The world he previously lived in was the one where normal people were monstrous towards drug addicts. Well somewhat. And that’s why he looks at the walkers like his own people. Wow! I’m a genius! Or did I just opined some shitty theory out of this episode? Never mind.

The new community at Tijuana looks all happy and useful. They seem like good people; the woman Luciana and her fellow companions readily helped Nick. But, we have grown out of these situations. We all know these communities never last. One day/man/animal/asshole is enough to fuck everything down. Its just a matter of a handful of episodes. And the way Nick’s smile fades away during the end moments of the episode, we know what’s coming.

Nick Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead S02E09 airs 28th August.

What did you think of “Grotesque”? Hit the comment section below and let me know.

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