Its about: Presidential candidate Charlie Roan is persistent on putting an end to the annual Purge (a yearly tradition where all sorts of crimes, including murder, are allowed by the government, within a span of 12 hours). With her growing popularity, the opposing candidates plan to get rid of Roan on this traditional night of massacre. Now its up to Leo Barnes, her security head to save her through those deadly 12 hours.

Quick Facts: Starring Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell, the film is third in The Purge series. Rated 6.1 on IMDb

The Good

  • The story is better than its former part
  • If you’re a fan of the series, don’t leave this one out
  • Good acting by all actors, especially Betty Gabriel and all those murderous freaks roaming the streets in search of blood
  • The screenplay was good and all the costumes, masking and weaponry made it a really believable event.
  • Despite some clichés, I randomly found myself clutching my heart or jump starting at intervals where all the chasing down and about-to-chainsaw-you scenes came



The Bad

  • The story is predictable to the point where you start thinking whether you should actually direct one
  • If too much blood and gore and chainsawing is not your thing, then this movie is not for you
  • Pulling out bullets from gun shot wounds, 4 people gunning down 20 with better weapons, basic civilians transforming into professional shooters. Too many clichés

oh please


The Best Scene

When Leo and Charlie are passing from a park and a following drone leads them to a pack of foreigners was a good scene. Also the two crazy girls who were persistent on destroying Joe’s shop, coming with their pack of bitches in a LED lights adorned car with a Miley Cyrus song was absolutely raw and scary.

This movie will be liked by fans of slasher movies, who prefer something between minimum gore and saw-type slaughter.

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