You said you would shake the trees…not burn down the whole forest

Suits Season 6 Episode 7, “Shake The Trees” released day before yesterday and here I am with a short summary and apt insight on the episode.

Quick Summary: Jessica and Rachel break the execution date news to Leonard Bailey with a promise that they will do everything within their ability to postpone it. Mike gets a visit from Jill (Kevin’s wife) and tries to convince her into taking the deal that can save her and bring Kevin out of prison. She doesn’t take it of course, and when Kevin comes to know about it, he warns Mike to stay away from his wife. Outside the prison, Harvey and Sean manage to keep their arrangement under covers and play the dirty tactics with William Sutter. Louis finally sets out on his much awaited date, where Tara discloses that she has a boyfriend and they have an arrangement where they can see other people during it. Louis agrees to keep dating her. Frank Gallo pursues Mike to get in talk with Harvey about getting him off early and threatens that he will tell Kevin everything that’s going on between Mike and Harvey if he doesn’t do anything about it sooner.


Lets talk about good things first, Jessica and Rachel have made an appeal to postpone Leonard’s execution date, but haven’t got much blessings from the Judge. The family of the opposing council is angry about this, which is obvious, but now I’m really beginning to worry that this pro-bono is going all no-no. Rachel made a huge mistake by mentioning that the favor she’s asking her father of is not as a daughter but as a lawyer. Now he owes her one and I have a feeling that whenever he’s gonna ask her for a return favor, its going to be something about leaving Mike for good.

Louis is drowning in Tara’s love which is a complicated situation since she already has a boyfriend, who is okay with her dating other men. Weird and awkward; exactly Louis’s kind of stuff.

William Sutter’s case is becoming a havoc with each second passing, and I’m already feeling sick of it. Give me something new please. This is the first time this show is stuck somewhere, on a particular issue, which is definitely new, but me no like it much.

I am shocked to know that Donna has been going through so much all this time, yet she manages to keep herself all calm and useful in the office. Hats off to that woman. I’m curious as a seal (irrelevant) to know what has happened between her and the guy she was dating.

My heart breaks every time I see tears pooling in Harvey’s eyes. I’m seeing this a lot and I’m not liking it. Okay, control your emotions!

control your emotions

Where was I? Harvey, yes! Now’s the time when Harvey is gonna pull some rabbits out of his hat and throw a couple at Sean for keeping his side of deal alive, which is to get Mike out of prison.

Also, as I conclude this review, I have a request to the makers of the show to please stop letting Mike use the same dialogue every time he sees Harvey.

“Harvey! What the hell are you doing here?”

He’s making me want to throw a pillow at my television. Its a big television and its my father’s. I can’t afford to replace it. Please stop this loop dialogue.

Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts about this episode. Suits S06E08 “Borrowed Time” airs 31st August 9/8c on USA Network.

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