It’s About: When Master Shifu announces his retirement, Po is faced by a new challenge. He’s not a student anymore, he has to teach Kung Fu. While Po’s teaching skills are put to test, evil warrior Kai, possessing super natural powers imposes a fresh threat to the world. Po finds his biological father and reunites with inhabitants of the Panda village to fight off the evil.

Quick Facts: Starring Jack Black as Po, Angelina Jolie as the Tigress and Bryan Cranston as Li, the movie is third in the Kung Fu Panda series. Rated 7.2 on IMDb.

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The Good

  • Excellent humor
  • Comic timing of Po has always been amazing and he continues to succeed in keeping that charm up
  • Amazing dialogues. They form the best ingredient of Kung Fu Panda movies
  • Worth watching in 3D. The animation is almost perfect
  • The story is well connected to previous parts and maintains interest throughout the film
  • Each character has a unique comic timing and all have a distinct appeal of their own
  • The movie is overloaded with awesomeness, with legendary characters and non-stop laughter at your service for whole one and half hour

Kung fu panda

The Bad

  • A bit unrealistic like all animated movies. Doesn’t really matter, does it?

Bock Bock

Best Scene

It would be unfair to state only one best scene. I can put down 90% of the movie here actually, if I could. But if to narrow it down, all the scenes where Kai introduced himself and nobody remembered him were hilarious.

The scene where Po takes his real father Li to Jade Palace and they try their hands on artifacts from the past warriors, was a complete laugh riot.

Po’s bathing in the barrel scene was good too.


This movie is not to be missed under any circumstances. I personally believe and have been telling everyone this, that animated movies are equally entertaining for adults as much as they are for children. Lot of my friends tell me to go play with barbies whenever I ask them to accompany me to an animated movie. They are made for everyone (children, teens and adults)! In fact, over the time we have seen them including mature jokes and humor that suits audience belonging to all age groups. So, please please, treat yourself with an animated movie, regardless of how old you are.

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