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We’re your family now…

Los Muertos, meaning “The Dead” in Spanish showcased two stories simultaneously. Nick’s introduction to the new community at Tijuana and Madison, Alicia, Victor and Ofelia’s search for a temporary shelter at a hotel which looked deserted at first but soon overflowed with walkers from every corner.

Quick Summary Time: Nick comes face to face with rules of Tijuana. The bitten are served as food for zombies, things are exchanged between communities without compromising the location and survival is considered as the only object of daily life. On the other side, Madison insists on finding Nick, but Alicia thinks that he will find his way if he wants to and that their safety should be Madison’s priority. They find shelter at a hotel which is creeping with desertion. Alicia and Ofelia search the rooms while Madison and Victor use the hotel bar and go from drinks to drinks until they are drunk enough to start playing a piano and attract walkers from all corners and holes in the hotel and outside. Alicia is alarmed on finding herself alone with Ofelia missing her company.

FTWD S02e09

One of the many rules of the Tijuana community is that the bitten people volunteer to be food for the zombies. Umm…sounds fair but, what’s the advantage? The zombies don’t stop being hungry, do they? We know that all communities have their own concepts behind every tradition they follow but, come on!

Careful, worried and recently abandoned by her son, Madison makes the silliest mistake of getting over drunk at most inappropriate time. Not to mention, Victor does nothing to stop her, in fact, he joins her whole heartedly in calling the disaster upon themselves. They recently found a hotel and just after examining the entrance and adjoining areas, they were so relaxed and chilled out, as if nothing bad can happen, especially if one plays a piano loudly. So much for being adults!

Now Alicia is in trouble and we don’t even know the whereabouts of Ofelia. Everybody in the hotel looks pretty cornered. It looks like the living residents of the hotel are finally gonna come out for help, if there are any, of course. Huge possibility, since the show is in dire need of more characters.

Alicia FTWD

Did you see that one? That’s not a flying zombie, that’s a falling zombie. Falling to the tune of piano 😀

With only two episodes left, the show still has to show Travis and Chris’s side of story and also end the season at an interesting note. So far, the show has failed to show anything we haven’t seen in The Walking Dead series. All this walkers creeping out of hotel rooms, people sacrificing people to the zombies is been there done that kind of stuff.

Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts about this episode with me. Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 ‘Do Not Disturb’ airs 4th September on AMC.

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