It’s over…I’m coming home

Yes, Mike is coming home, finally.

Suits Season 6 is just two episodes away from mid-season finale and with it, it’s bringing Mike home. “Borrowed Time” (S06E08) gave Harvey and Mike just enough time to fit everything into place and make sure they succeed in their efforts to end Mike’s term in the prison.

Quick Summary Time: Mike tries to convince Kevin to get his wife Jill turn against her father. Since Mike has little time left before Gallo reveals his secret to Kevin, Mike decides to tell his cellmate the truth. When Kevin says that his wife would never agree, Harvey devises a plot and records Sutter’s conversation where he blabbers about how he uses his daughter for his own benefits and would not sign any deal to keep her out of harm. On listening to it, Jill agrees to cut a deal with Sean.

Jessica and Rachel find a way to extend Leonard’s execution by a month. Leonard thinks that Jessica is into the case only to up her game in the business and not to prove his innocence. This bothers Jessica and she meets Jeff to make herself feel somewhat better.

Louis and Tara spend a happy time together, but Louis is upset on knowing that her boyfriend Joshua is going to visit her soon. Tara tells Louis that she can’t end things with her long term boyfriend.

Mike and Harvey

It’s going to be an absolute delight to watch Mike and Rachel re-unite. Although, it would have been perfect had their separation lasted longer. It is like Mike went on a tiny little vacation and is coming back a day before to surprise his fiancée. I’m all prepared for a twist in the last episodes. There’s still time for things to go wrong and so I’m holding my celebrations for Mike’s return.

Louis is already treating Tara as his priority but is not getting an open heart in return. She’s insisting on keeping both her relationships solid and its not an easy thing to follow for Louis. Hm…I have a strong faith that Louis is gonna go behind Tara’s back and fuck things up a little by going face to face with Joshua.

Louis Litt Suits S06E08
Look at that face and tell me he’s not capable of such stupidity

I’m tired of Leonard’s attitude. Shouldn’t it be enough for him that somebody took his case before he was kicked out of the world for nothing? The man should be thankful to Jessica and Rachel for taking up his long forgotten case. But rather than helping them with details, he’s always complaining about something. Moron!

Gallo clearly threatened Mike, that if he’s getting out without fulfilling his part of deal that benefits Gallo, he is going to come after him and the prison walls won’t be able to keep him from harming Mike. That was a 100% murder threat there, so just in case Mike gets out and forgets or ignores Gallo completely, there may be some action from the psychos side to see in the remaining episodes or next season.

Frank and Mike Season 6

Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts about this episode with me. Suits Season 6 Episode 9 “The Hand That Feeds You” airs September 7 on USA Network.

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