Author: John Green

Pages: 262

Genre: Realistic fiction/Drama

My Rating: 5 out of 5

About: Shy and simple Miles (Pudge) meets wild and popular Alaska at school. Straight after his first meeting, Miles is deeply infatuated with her. Circumstances bring him face to face with Alaska’s secrets and he cannot stop himself at wanting to know everything about her.


Some books have potential of changing the way you look at things. This book has it. It’s my first John Green novel and there’s no way I’m missing any of his others now.

The characters and setting send you back to your school days. Everything from the lectures, to hostel life, to pranks and breaking rules appear realistic in each page of the novel. The writing is magically flawless, from dialogues to descriptions. The author has connected each and every piece of the story in a way that by the end it forces you to rethink the way you react to bad incidents in your life.

The Good

  • Even though Miles is a timid boy, his sense of humor and thought process makes the read interesting. He never bored me in the whole book
  • All characters are great, with individual significance
  • The story has a point. It’s not some common love triangle you see in everyday stories
  • The quotes (original, as well as quotes by characters of their own) are worth scribbling down
  • The twist is amazing. Absolutely unexpected

The Bad

  • I found Alaska a bit annoying at some points. Attention seeking and all about herself kind of girl. But that’s okay I guess, since we see such traits in lot of teenagers, especially girls
  • The novel is a little longer for the story. I’m a to-the-point reader and I don’t prefer filler pages and unnecessary chapters in my story

In spite of the two points I didn’t like about the novel, I give it 5 out of 5 stars, because it totally deserves it.

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