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Suits Season 6 Episode 9 “The Hand That Feeds You” showed dramatic turn of events for Harvey, smoothly taken care of by Mike. He proved that he doesn’t need to be all suited up to demonstrate his best lawyer skills.

Quick Summary Time: Mike gets to know that Sean Cahill is seizing Jill’s assets, not just limited to the ones from insider trading. He threatens Sean with an abuse of power lawsuit and blackmails him to make Kevin’s release from prison possible along with his. This pisses Sean and he threatens Mike that he will pull his deal off if he does so.
Harvey attempts to get parole for Gallo, but Cameron Dennis intervenes saying that he won’t let a murderer go free. Dennis and Mike join hands where Mike agrees to testify against Gallo and Dennis promises that he will ask Sean to release both Mike and Kevin for it.
Jessica and Rachel manage to get Leonard’s case reopened. The prosecutor offers them a deal where Leonard stays in prison for another seven years, but Leonard rejects it saying he wants to fight for full exoneration.
Donna helps Louis take his mind off Tara and Joshua. When Tara visits Louis, she tells him that Joshua asked her to marry him and she refused, saying she cannot say yes while she is in love with another man as well.


Mike’s over caring nature pisses me off sometimes. His sainthood keeps increasing, and it makes me worry that he will get himself in a deeper trouble. But, well, he is smart enough to find his way out of situations, which we clearly saw in this episode. Not only did he manage to get Kevin released along with him, he also took care of Gallo. A job well done. Though, I really wonder if getting so many facilities is possible in a prison. A hidden camera connected to the guards’ room and stuff.


Donna and Louis finally went mudding. It was a rare sight, and I have started enjoying the chemistry these two share. Simple and deep-rooted friendships are priceless. Tara is beautiful as ever, but I still have less faith that her relationship with Louis is gonna last.

Coming to Donna, did you guys notice the glow on her face? She looked ravishing. It could be a mudding thing or just make-up. Whatever, I just love that woman.


We’re getting to see softer side of Jessica. It could be because of Jeff’s absence in her life or just to prove that she has a heart too.

The episode had an emotional touch where some scenes scared me (Gallo attacking Mike with a knife) and some scenes that made me cry (Leonard meeting his daughter and Rachel throwing her arms around Mike).

The episode was excellent, and I adored watching Mike in a suit again. Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts about this episode with me. Suits Season 6 Episode 10 “P.S.L.” airs 14th September on USA Network. It will be the mid-season finale episode.


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