But I’m tired of living a memory…so I’m walking to you…

That song gave this super episode of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 “Pablo & Jessica” the much deserved ending. What an episode (season 2 episode 11) it was! The major revelation was Alejandro’s immunity to the bite of the infected. Now, while his honesty about this is yet to be confirmed, he said Luciana was there when he got bit. She’s a witness to his not turning into a zombie miracle and I suppose majority of the audience already trust her.

Quick Summary Time: Nick fakes medicines to be given to the bandits by diluting them. Alejandro is impressed and forgives him for his mistake earlier. Alejandro also reveals that he was bitten but never turned. Luciana receives the news of her brother Pablo’s death and Nick comforts her. Back in the hotel, Madison proposes truce with the other group and they all decide to clean the walkers off hotel in order to secure it. Ofelia’s whereabouts are still unknown, but the truck their group came in is missing and Alicia, Madison and Victor assume that she fled.


Big news first. Alejandro’s immunity. Hmm…okay…sure!

Well, I really can’t decide whether the man is honest or not. Given the theme of the whole “Walking Dead” universe, this would be a huge turning point, not just for “Fear The Walking Dead” but also for “The Walking Dead” which has already completed 6 seasons. So throwing something like this now may create a havoc. If you ask me, I think  there’s 90% chance this immunity thing is a lie, even if it makes Luciana a liar too.

I have another reason to doubt Luciana. She was shown as a smart woman, very careful and focused in her actions. Suddenly after losing her brother, she needed Nick to be close to her. Doesn’t sound like a careful and smart woman anymore. May be she’s faking it, because the kiss wasn’t really needed there, was it?


Moving on, Nick’s idea of diluting the pills with milk powder in attempt to buy their community more time from the bandits was an excellent demonstration of his skills. Lets see how long it takes for the hooligans to find out, and what consequence the whole faking medicine thing brings.

Alicia’s idea of drawing the zombies to the sea was good too. Both the siblings are proving to be quite strong characters now that the show is beginning to take pace. Alicia’s chemistry with her mother though, looks a little awkward at this time. They are scared of losing each other, but they are not emotionally connected because of things that happened before the plague, which is making things a bit weird between them.


Victor is having a hard time missing Thomas. He was absolutely fine in the last episode. His loss suddenly creeping up looks a bit forced to me. The whole group is assuming that Ofelia has run away, given the disappearance of the truck. But, whether she was the one who took the truck or if she did then where she’s headed to still remains unknown.

Now that the hotel is secure, I have full faith that the mother of the bride will be the one to compromise their safety by attempting to murder Elena. No questions there.



What do you think about this episode? Especially whether Alejandro’s story is true or not. Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts with me.

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