I forgot why I became a lawyer in the first place. And it wasn’t just to fight for money and power

Did I say somewhere on Twitter that the last episode was my favorite? Oh…Please erase that memory because episode 10 “P.S.L” of season 6th took my heart and soul away. It was dedicated to the boss, the diva and my role model, Jessica Pearson. That lady is an epitome of class and beauty. She totally deserved an episode focused solely on her. She’s leaving the show, which is sad, but there couldn’t have been a better episode to say goodbye.

Quick Summary Time: Harvey tells Jessica that Sutter’s case is affecting their existing clients and that she needs to make a visit to retain their trusts. Jessica chooses to go at Leonard’s death-row appeal to prove that she’s not just a power hungry lawyer. Mike advises Rachel on the case and together they convince Jessica to make risky moves in the court. After the case is over, Jessica tells Harvey and Louis that she’s leaving the firm and goes to Jeff asking if he’d like her to accompany him to Chicago. Tara gives her pregnancy news to Louis, but the child is not his. Still wanting to be with her, Louis proposes marriage to Tara and she accepts.


The sneak peek into Jessica’s younger days showed her relationship with her father. We often heard her discussing that her father wanted her to become a doctor, but not why. The flashbacks took us to an innocent and simple girl who wanted nothing but security from her parents. Those flashbacks were enough to create the whole transition in our minds of the simple Jessica to Ms Jessica Pearson of the Pearson Specter Litt. There couldn’t have been a better farewell to Gina Torres. Absolutely amazing.


Mike was offered a job by Harvey, to work as a consultant for the firm, which I’m sure he’s going to take, no guessing there. I simply adore how Harvey finds ways to keep Mike close to him.

Back to his real job, Mike had Rachel’s back, helping and advising her in every possible way with Leonard Bailey’s case. His opinions, undoubtedly, proved beneficial like they always do.

Harvey and Louis handled Sutter, meddling with their clients. But, that doesn’t seem the end of Pearson Specter Litt’s problems (or should I call it “Specter Litt” now…eew). Jessica’s leaving is going to bring more issues with most clients losing more faith in the firm.


Louis took a huge decision in haste, but I’m sure he’s not going to back away. He looks pretty determined to be with Tara even if it means raising somebody else’s child.

Leonard Bailey’s trial was the exact trial I had been waiting for in Suits. About 5 and a half season later my wish was fulfilled by the star, Jessica Pearson herself. What a trial and what an ending it was. So much better than Mike’s trial in the last season.


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The remaining episodes of Suits Season 6 will be aired in January 2017.

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