You don’t understand…Your child is always your child

Finally the day is coming, to reunite the lost ones. Either that, or to set them apart forever. Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 ran at a fast pace, covering pretty much everything it needed to.

Summary: Francisco leaves Colonia with his family, but they are found and taken hostage by the bandits. Alejandro is worried by his best men abandoning the Colonia and forbids anyone to leave it until he commands. Nick says the time to give medicines to the bandits is due and he fears risking their safety if he doesn’t do anything to keep their barter on schedule. Ofelia is headed to United States. In a flashback she is seen with her fiance. In the hotel, Ilene stabs Victor. To save him, Madison, Elena and Oscar head to Tijuana to get medical supplies. In Tijuana, Madison gets to know about Nick and loses control. When she’s back in the hotel, she turns on the lights of the building as a signal to Nick. The lights are immediately put off by Alicia, but in other part of the city, Travis captures a glimpse of the building.


Review: Bragging first…I said Ilene will fuck up things, and here we are, with a near-death Victor in one of the hotel suites. And of course, this is not the end, she’s definitely gonna do something weird again. I have full faith in her.

We get to see Ofelia in this episode, she’s headed to USA; but why and what for exactly, is still unknown. It has certainly got something to do with her lover. In the flashbacks we saw her fiance, but Ofelia couldn’t keep her engagement with him because she needed to stay with her parents. I’m amazed by her courage to go out all alone in pursuit of something that matters.


Alejandro appears somewhat scary to me now. May be my prophecy regarding his honesty about the bite/infection is finally coming through. Whatever the reason, a controller has never been appreciated in any dystopian society, and it wont be tolerated by someone as free minded as Nick.


Madison went a bit crazy after getting to know about Nick. Bit obvious for a mother, can’t really blame her for putting their location at risk. Her relationship with Alicia though, is finally taking its shape. The daughter had always known her mother for being more caring towards Nick, especially because of his addiction. Even after going through so much, Alicia believes that Nick comes before her, not equal, and that bothers her.


The bandits finally found the Colonia, thanks to Franciso for compromising their location by choosing to go out in the wild. Also, it forces me think, why did he really leave? Was it just that he knew the time is coming when the bandits will be arriving at the Colonia’s gates or something else? Related to Alejandro perhaps? We will have to wait to see that.


Travis got some idea through the hotel lights. All credit goes to the mother inside Madison.

How did you like this episode (Fear The Walking Dead S02E12 “Pillar of Salt”)? Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts with me. The next episode of FTWD Season 2 airs September 25 on AMC Network. Also, if you’re a watcher of The Big Bang Theory, don’t forget to check out this post here.


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