No matter where we go, it’s the same story. Just different people.

Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 was quite an entertainment, with 45 minutes of heart-pumping action and drama packed in each scene.

Summary: The survivors in the hotel face uninvited guests, among them is Travis and Madison lets him in. He reveals what happened between him and Chris. The latter chose to go with Brandon and his group after killing one of their mates, James, who according to Travis could have survived the gun shot wound if given the chance to. Back at the hotel, Madison tells Alicia the truth that her father didn’t die in an accidental car crash, it was a suicide. She tells her that she cares more for Nick because he’s a lot like his father. But, that doesn’t mean she loves Alicia any less. At night, more survivors come at the hotel gates, among them is Brandon, but not Chris.


Review: Madison’s action had to bring the consequences, but something good happened out of it, no? Travis and Madison reunited. After what Chris did to him, my heart would have shattered had Travis not found Madison or anyone else from the group. Worth all the risk I must say. Alicia and Travis are most intelligent among the lot. They are smart yet sensitive, and that’s how it should be.


Talking about Chris. It’s pretty clear that it was not the loss of his mother or the trauma of going through so much at such a tender age that drove the kid into doing bad things. He is evil! Period! And as much as I hate him, the show has given us something new with an evil main character, that’s emotionally connected to the real heroes of the show.


I hate when people start acting all jokey in life threatening situations. Chris is a wannabe, I understand, but what about Brandon and the other tourist? They ran out of chickens to eat? Why not just go with the sensible idea of eating just the eggs? I hate careless chicken eating fuckers.
And then they killed their friend James too, who didn’t deserve to die. Careless friend shooting fuckers. I bet the chickens were smarter than this lot.


When I say Alicia is smart and sensitive, I mean that she’s neither like Nick or Chris. She understands, and that’s what happened when Madison told her the truth about her father’s death. She understood what her mother did was for the good. I like such kids; who are not crying and complaining every second they live. Had Nick been at her place, he would have just ran away after knowing the truth, and Chris could have gone worse by ending up shooting Madison in the head.


I guess this pretty much covers all I think about this episode. I’m curious to see what news Brandon brings of Chris and also what’s happening with Ofelia. I’m not so worried about Nick at the moment, and I don’t know why. May be it’s because I’m feeling more connected with Madison and Travis at the moment.

Did you enjoy watching Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 “Date of Death”? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts about this episode with me. Also, what’s with IMDb and Wikipedia showing 2nd October as air date for last two episodes? Does anyone know? Do share the info with me.


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