I never realized this building was classified.
May be that’s because it’s classified.

Summary: Leonard, Howard and Sheldon get a visit from Colonel Williams, who demands a smaller version of the guidance system. Leonard and Howard show less interest in handling their project to the military and also say it’s practically impossible to meet Colonel’s deadlines. Sheldon however, agrees to the plan. Somebody blabs about Bernadette’s pregnancy at the office which puts Bernadette’s selection on a project she has been working on in jeopardy. Penny accepts that it was her and Bernadette threatens her boss that she’ll sue the company if they take her name off the project.

Review: Like always, the jokes were apt and funny, but the episode lacked story. 18 minutes is too less for an episode. The show makers are depleting episode length every season and I don’t like that.

Raj and Howard were good as ever with their cute humor about Facebook being a thing of cavemen, Indians being employed for call center jobs only and the like. Best funny moment in the episode.

The guidance system is important to Howard, both because it was his idea and also because he needs it to be financially capable of raising a child. Military’s interference seems like a hurdle, especially since the time to complete the task is too less, thanks to Sheldon for failing to keep his mouth shut. Although the issue is pretty serious for them, the time Howard, Leonard and Sheldon spent with the retina scanner doesn’t show much seriousness on their part and reminds us of their child like enthusiasm for gadgets.


I don’t like the professional Penny much. I was happier when she was a waitress and struggling actor. I know she needed a serious job, but being pharmaceutical sales personnel doesn’t suit her at all. Like Sheldon, she too can’t keep her mouth shut, but Bernadette forgives her and finds a way to turn things around at workplace. I like how the boss in Bernadette can transform her from sugary and sweet to bitchy and cruel.


The episode was funny and involved some real life issues. For example, pregnancy is considered a taboo and hurdle in women’s career. Great efforts from scientists are sometimes used by governments for their political benefits with no say from the inventors. Its always a delight to watch our nerds battle serious life issues with their innocence and humor.


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