I have seen many walker killing scenes; some good, some bad, and some quite gruesome to handle. But, the way Nick killed that patient walker was too bad ass, too Rick like. It reminded me of how easily Rick can get rid of a walker without the need of a weapon around. Episode 14 of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 was named “Wrath” and we got to see a lot of it when a father lost his son, however brainless that son was.


Ofelia is learning how to survive alone and she’s doing pretty good at it. She has left her fears behind and is determined to reach her destination. Well. For now. We will have to wait until next season to see if those fears return after her encounter with the American guy.


Alicia is always there for everybody. She’s practical yet sensitive; neglected kids often grow up to be that way. She was there when Travis was feeling guilty on abandoning Chris and also apologized for what happened back in the previous season where she conspired to her mother about Chris’s weird behavior. She’s my favorite kid among all kids in this show.


I was so happy on knowing that Chris was in trouble. But, it really hurt me to see Travis going through the reality. He tried so hard, yet couldn’t do anything for Chris. At first, I didn’t believe Derek and Brandon’s story. I was in the impression that it was a trick of 3 kids, a way to get into the hotel or lure Travis and his people out in order to capture the place. But Chris really died and I felt sorry for Travis and totally agreed with Madison that the death Travis gave those two assholes was justified.


The episode also gave us the truth about Alejandro’s immunity. When he got bit I was relieved that the show makers didn’t decide to leave this immunity thing for the next season. Of course they would have if it had any truth to it.

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