They will lose something far more precious than their lives….They will lose their faith!

Both final episodes of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 were aired consecutively, with the last one “North” resuming right after where “Wrath” ended. To read review for Fear The Walking Dead S02E14 “Wrath” first, click here.

I was so relieved when Alicia and Madison chose to leave along with Travis. That was such a family like reaction. Hats off to Alicia, who relieved her mother from all doubts and dilemmas that came as a consequence to Travis’s murderous rage. I keep waiting that Alicia will lose it somewhere, but the girl just keeps getting better at the way she reacts to situations. She was there to lend help when Oscar was being operated, and she knew what to do when a gun was pulled at Travis. Her mind works its best at gravest situations.


I felt bad for Oscar. The guy already went through such a bad time. But of course a show needs lot of recurring characters to create intensity and he was one of those I felt bad for. Surprisingly, Alejandro’s death failed to create that feeling for me, even though his presence in the show was so much more than Oscar’s.


The community at Tijuana finally fell apart and Alejandro got his chance to be the hero he wanted to be by planning death game for Marco and his bunch of bandits. Also, before dying, he managed to inform Madison about Nick’s whereabouts, so here’s to hopeful endings!

I hated to see Victor choosing to stay behind. They have come such a long way, and by now he should know that he needs to stick with people that care a little for him.


Although the ending has given us many little cliffhangers, I would classify it as a good ending to the season with proper cliffhangers to maintain its audience. I’m really looking forward to what comes next for everyone. What happens to Ofelia, Victor, Luciana, and whether Madison succeeds in finding her son. Isn’t this much like Rick looking for Lori and Carl in initial seasons of TWD kind of thing? Hit the comments section below and tell me what you think of the finale episodes of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2.

Also, The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on October 23rd on AMC Network. Watch this space fore more.

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