To quote The Martian: “Let’s science the feces out of this!”

Episode 3 of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 ‘The Dependence Transcendence’ didn’t bring much with it except the big news that Amy is considered more popular than Sheldon at Caltech University.

Has anyone ever tried to just haul out and whoop the crazy out of him?

Howard and Leonard are having hard time working at Colonel Williams’s deadline, and Sheldon isn’t making things any easy. I enjoyed Flash’s dialogues, but his advice made Sheldon more unbearable, for me. This happens at some points in every season; when Sheldon becomes painfully intolerable with his melodrama. I think its a good thing because that’s exactly what his character is supposed to make us feel.

…and you thought this wasn’t gonna be a great party

We got to see Bert, the geologist and I think he still has hots for Amy. Although he clearly accepted that he is in love with her work and popularity, I refer to his likeness towards her in a serious way. I hope we get to see some love triangle kind of thing between Amy, Sheldon and Bert, more since Bert seems a valuable addition to show’s humor.

You didn’t think I was gonna be in your kitchen this morning, yet here I am!

Coming to Bernadette feeling all less mother like for her baby, failed to connect me to her problem. Sometimes she is all caring and happy with her pregnancy and sometimes she’s not. It’s confusing the feces out of me!

Colonel Williams’s extending the time frame to complete the project also took away some story from the season. All hype created for nothing.

Overall, it was a filler episode for me, with mild humor. I loved Flash and his superhero jokes though.

You know why Hulk is so strong…Steroids!

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