Leonard: “You enjoy your mission to boldly go where no man has gone before.”
Sheldon: “It’s Penny’s bedroom. Plenty of men have gone before…”

The latest episode from Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory gave our characters some really big moments. Where Amy and Sheldon decided to move in together, however temporarily; Bernadette and Howard found it difficult to swallow that they don’t know their baby’s gender while Raj does.


Raj is being over nosy with Howard and Bernadette’s pregnancy. And as much as I feel sympathetic for our pregnant couple, I cant help but adore Raj being an annoying interference without even realizing 1% of it. I also loved Cinnamon’s (Raj’s Terrier dog) acting. It woke up every time, staring at the ringing phone, making me want to just pull it out of television and cuddle that furry little cuteness.


Sheldon and Amy are on a temporary mission/experiment of moving in together. This has the potential of bringing some exciting changes to their relationship and I look forward to them. If you ask me, I think Amy will be the first one to walk out of this live-in experiment. She is very patient with Sheldon, but she has got her girlfriend needs always fighting her diligence.


I enjoy how one thing for a character is a completely opposite thing for the other. Penny and Amy’s morning coffee conversation was a mix of hidden meanings and unspeakable tragedies.


I also loved Amy’s rage jokes. They knocked Sheldon off the floor and sent him in his rightful place. Amy is the only person who can control Sheldon without him knowing it, and can also bring his floating in the sky nose back to the ground within seconds.


Leonard dancing in boxers scene totally stole the show. And the asthma attack post dancing stole the whole season. Best scene of the season until now.

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