Penny: “Okay, I’m confused. Which one is Mr. Robot?”
Leonard: “I’ll give you a hint. We’re watching Daredevil.”

Like I said in the review of previous episode, “The Hot Tub Contamination” started with Amy and Sheldon having issues over bathroom schedules, which happens to be a significant arrangement of Sheldon’s for his room-mate, regardless of the fact that the room-mate happens to be his girlfriend.

Season 10 Episode 5 began with furious Sheldon and Amy shattering Leonard and Penny’s alone time by storming into their flat, arguing about the silly bathroom schedule. They are having tough time living together and unlike Leonard, Amy is not ready to compromise 100% from her side.


The big reveal of the episode was the story behind Sheldon’s knocking 3 times on every door before entering. Despite his annoying behavior, Sheldon always manages to get my sympathies sooner or later. I also enjoy watching episodes with Sheldon and Penny sharing secrets. They have a special bond where Sheldon can comfortably pour his heart to his nanny like friend.


It’s always good to watch Howard in a sexy mood. What’s ironical is that none of what he does is ever close to anything relating to sex, but it’s absolute fun to watch him seducing his wife Bernadette.


While Raj and Stuart were contaminating the hot tub, Raj revealed his separation from the 2 girls he had been dating simultaneously. Lets see where this hopeless lover goes now.


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