You get your hopes up, I knock them down. That’s called teamwork.

Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 6 “The Fetal Kick Catalyst” brought the father in Howard into action, sending him into a shopping spree with Raj which goes way over the budget. On the other side, Sheldon and Amy take another step in their live-in relationship by inviting guests over for brunch. Penny and Leonard go to a comic-con event where Penny is insulted by her fans in the most sweet way and Leonard ends up creating some fandom of his own by boasting how he managed to marry a hot girl like Penny.


I’ll start with Mrs. Petrescu, the Romanian neighbor from 2nd floor. She was a delight to watch and brought new energy to the show, even though I’m not sure whether the show makers have introduced this character for a special position in the season or not. Her accent and talking like live television commercials were eye candy of the episode.


Moving on to the pregnant couple. After feeling his baby kick for the first time, Howard went on a shopping spree with Raj and bought a minivan and crib along with other baby things. Bernadette, like always didn’t seem interested in the baby stuff, despite Raj and Howard hovering around, praising the minivan.


After Mrs. Petrescu, the best thing about the episode was Leonard and Penny’s autograph session at the comic-con. All the jokes and dialogues were hilarious. I have always enjoyed the couple’s weird chemistry, and when the whole world joins in, it makes it more enjoyable.


Stuart and Sheldon bonded over the brunch after Sheldon insulted him openly but apologized quickly after Stuart declared to leave. They got drunk and to Amy’s annoyance proclaimed their mutual admiration for each other. I never saw them having such a conversation before and so it was a pretty fun moment to watch.


That’s all for this episode. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Hit the comments section below and share you thought about BBT S10E06 “The Fetal Kick Catalyst” with me.

The next episode airs Thursday, 3rd November on CBC Network.

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