Author: Victoria Aveyard

Pages: 383

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopia

Series: First in Red Queen series

My Rating: 4 out of 5

About: A world divided by blood – Red or Silver. Where the Reds are common people, slaves; and the Silvers (possessing supernatural powers) rule them. That is until a red blooded girl, Mare Barrow discovers a deadly power of her own that threatens the very balance of power.


This one has received mixed reactions but mostly the good ones. It’s true that we’ve read stories like this one recently, but we must not forget that every story has its own charm. This one is liked for the massive twist which comes without a warning and shakes you head to toe.

Talking about good things first, I enjoyed the chemistry between Mare and Cal and the deadly love triangle they were in. It was dramatic, mean and passionate. The scenario was descriptive and full of believable material. For instance, the fact that every Silver needs something to bring out his/her power and the one’s carrying mutated gene do not.

The mix of good and bad among both bloods was compelling. The action sequences were timed and brought quick conclusions.

What I didn’t like was Mare’s repetitive thoughts throughout the book. I also found her a bit annoying and unlovable, considering Cal and Maven were head over heels for her (well, Maven was faking it but he certainly got jealous of Cal and Mare at a point).

But, all these points don’t change my mind on how I feel about this book. It entertained me and I give it a 4 out of 5. Yippeee!

This book will be liked by young adults who are into Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopia/Supernatural kind of thing.

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