Author: John Green

Pages: 318

Genre: Young Adult | Fiction | Romance 

My Rating: 5 out of 5

About: Cancer patients Hazel Grace and Augustus embark on a journey that teaches them that their lives are not meant to just survive cancers, but to love, live and fulfill tiniest dreams.

First of all, John Green is a genius and my number 1 at best authors list currently, and so I’m gonna read everything he writes, everything! And I’m saying this after reading his work for the second time.

By this you may get little idea about how awesomely awesome this man’s books are. He can turn a simple paragraph into magical spell if he wishes to. 

By this time you may be suspecting that my review is going to be a little biased considering my unending appreciation about the author, but that’s not the case. He really is AWESOME!!!

My Theory: Hazel Grace is an excellent portrayal of a teenager who has cancer. She’s not depressed, she’s just bored of her miserable life and angry at the world for not being fair to her. Amidst that, Augustus Waters has problems of his own, he is angry at the world for not noticing him and/or for not getting that chance.

How they combat through their inner turmoils and make the best out of what they get is beautifully put down in this book. But, that’s not the best thing about this book. The best thing is how this tragic tale has been mixed with sarcasm and humor that tickles you as you turn pages to discover more about these crazy teenagers who have long stopped being scared of death. All that’s left is anger and humor.

I also liked how the characters were limited to the minimum best and the entire focus of the book never shifted from its place. John Green’s writing is always to the point but it takes you up and down, far and below the depths of human thoughts without you even realizing it.

Like many people though, I also found this book a little bigger than it should have been. You know how they say: perfection if overdone loses its perfection? Well, I don’t know if that’s really a quote or I just opined one of my own, but, you get my point, right? Still, I cannot take any stars from it. It’s just so beautiful.

This book will be liked by people of all age groups.

Until next time, this is Zee signing off –

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