It’s About: Three thieves plot to rob a blind who lives alone with a dog in a house full of money the thieves need. What they don’t know is that there are other secrets beside the money in the house and the blind man is not as helpless as he seems.

Quick Facts: Starring Jane Levy as Rocky, Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom/The blind guy, Dylan Minette as Alex and Daniel Zovatto as Money, the movie is rated 7.2 on IMDb and 71% on Metacritic.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Take: The movie takes a bit slow to start. What I prefer from such thrillers is that they throw me right into the story, unless there’s a bang on back story that’s relevant to the scenario. Anyway, the movie starts, I like that our thieves are professional and know their jobs. They are not amateurs, they have gadgets and tools to get through houses without being noticed or caught.

Now comes our blind guy…okay…how do I put this. He’s blind, I understand that his other senses work extra good because of his disability. But, the way he catches heartbeats and slight changes in atmosphere is bizarre. I just couldn’t fathom it.

The bang and boom moments were perfectly timed, forming good meat of the film. But, after a point, the run and chase became over the top and boring. I mean the blind man could give terminator a run for his money. He was unstoppable. By the end, like 20-30 minutes before the movie ends, it all became too cliched.

Talking about characters and acting, the characters were hardly pitiable. Despite all the beating and torturing, I couldn’t sympathize with Rocky, or Alex for that matter. So that was a weak point in my opinion. I don’t really care who dies in the movie unless I’m really caring for their lives. I felt little sad for that woman they were trying to save from the basement. The girl just got a chance at her life and…ouch! That must have hurt. The actors though, did a wonderful job. All of them.

Another thing that I would like to point out as vague was that there were two people, who specialized at being quick and sneaky, and couldn’t handle a blind guy. VAGUE!

All in all, I would like to give this one 3 out of 5 stars regardless of all the critical appreciation this movie has received. This film will be liked by people who have a thing for thrillers, suspense and even horror genre.

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