My Dad always said that if you’re asked to be a hero, then be a hero

And so, the long wait ends. The Walking Dead Season 7 Mid-Season premiered yesterday and what a fast opening! “Rock In The Road” was packed with story, action and a promise for a lot to happen in  the coming episodes.

Rick and his group, along with Jesus go from Hilltop to the Kingdom to pursue the leaders to join them in the war against Negan. And although, the season is moving to a predictable zone (you know, King Ezekiel refusing to help, who eventually will join when Rick needs more hands and stuff), I cannot wait to see the whole fight.

While Negan’s current focus is on finding whereabouts of Daryl, Rick and his people have started looking for weapons and force they’re gonna require.

The highway scene was amazing, where Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Sasha, Tara and Carl worked as a fab team they are, managing to get rid of the horde of walkers and getting the explosives as well. My jaw dropped when Rick and Michonne drove through, slashing the zombies. They have not shown anything like that in any season; totally awesome.

The mysterious disappearance of Gabriel, leaving tracks for his people to reach him is another secret to unfold. The community that cornered Rick and his team look hungry for revenge, but who are they and how does Gabriel know them is a good cliffhanger for the next episode. It was high time Gabriel played his cards. We never really got to see his hidden capabilities, but the time is close now.

I liked how every person had a role to play in this episode. Even Enid contributed in bringing some people from The Hilltop to join the rebel.

The episode was fast paced, quickly moving through scenes that really needed to be moved over to give this season a nice push. In this one hour episode, too much happened with the story, drama, and action (all set in equal proportions) moving side by side. And this is why I cannot wait for more. The next episode releases February 19th on AMC Network. Until then, this is Zee signing off.

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