It’s About: A guy watches a viral videotape that kills the watcher within seven days of watching it. He tries to protect his girlfriend by moving away from her, but the girlfriend sacrifices herself to save her guy and in doing so becomes a privileged watcher who gets to see deeper parts of the videotape. The couple embarks on a journey to unfold the secrets of Samara Morgan (the girl in the tape) and to free her soul.

Quick Facts: Third in “The Ring” movie series, which is an adaptation from Japanese novel “Ring” by Koji Suzuki. Starring Matilda Lutz as Julia, Alex Roe as Holt and Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, the movie is rated 4.5 on IMDb and 25% on Metacritic.

My Rating: 2 out of 5


My Theory: The film takes a little while to pick up the story but that establishes the plot well. Matilda has done a really good job by giving a very good performance and everything, but there isn’t really much to do in the film except for following the visions which come just too easily to her. The visions are good, the story is nice, the execution is good as well but it wasn’t coming off as real or scary as many recent horror movies have managed to do. If you compare this with prequels, it was pretty boring because there was nothing new or extra angular to be more scared of. Samara comes out of televisions and laptops and mobile screens and we have seen it all, so, let’s just move on and find something better.

The movie is also full of lame, psychotic moments that were put there for the chills but could do no more than making the audience laugh or shout “are you serious??”. Rain pouring upwards, flies flying out of cigarettes, dead girl learning braille. Okay that! Samara can do everything, I mean literally everything! She can jump out of unplugged televisions, send videotape copies over e-mail without internet connections, can make sure the person dies within 7 days of watching the tapes, even if it means hacking into an airplane cockpit, but she cannot kill the priest. She wants someone to travel all the way to her home town, drop a cellphone on her father’s house floor so she can crawl out of it and kill him. And mind you, she gave him vision so he can watch her and die. And what a total bitch Samara was. She used Julia to do everything for her and then fed on her. That was some serious backstabbing there.


All that said, in my opinion, Rings is not really worth your time. It was scary once (in previous parts), but no more. So don’t waste your time there, it’s not worth it.

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