No rules, no punishments.

No rules, no punishments and no more secrets…

And no more bullshit!

Couldn’t help saying that 😀

It’s About: When business tycoon, Christian Grey tries to get Anastasia Steele back in his life, they start facing issues which are no longer limited to Christian’s wild desire of hurting women he has sexual relations with. People from his past life and Anastasia’s present life loom over the perfect couple to destroy what they are trying hard to make work.

Quick Facts: Starring Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, the movie is based on the second novel in the Fifty Shades trilogy, rated 4.6 on IMDb and 33% on Metacritic

My Rating: 1 out of 5

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Fifty Shades Darker is a more talking version of its predecessor, however, less that talking is. The plot is feeble, the sex scenes are nice, the chemistry between main characters is weak, and the end is boring. It’s pretty much a twin of the first part, except for, like I said, the talking part!

A lot people will think that it’s a sexy movie and cozy up with their partner for a romantic movie night. The sexiest part of this movie is unfortunately “The End”.

The first movie ended with futile endeavors of establishing a plot and the second ended creating a conflict.

That’s the biggest setback here. Everything happens easily:

  • Anastasia returns to Christian easily.
  • A glass of wine on the face and a command to kneel is enough to get rid of the weird ex-girlfriends.
  • The pervert boss is taken care of with a single phone call.
  • And Christian survives the helicopter crash without receiving one scratch.

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

I understand eroticas are more about sex than story, but even the sex looks forced here, with no chemistry between the couple. Anastasia appears desperate and Christian…well Christian is Christian.

Despite her claims that she wants a proper relationship with Christian, her mind always moves to sex after they exchange a couple lines as part of their daily conversation. And as for Christian, we never really get to know what it is that drives him into quitting all his activities in order to keep Anastasia in his life.

The most funny part is that towards the end we get to see the pervert boss holding a picture of Christian and his family. A cliffhanger….mmm….give me a break Mr Director, I’m never returning to this torture. This is where my patience with Christian and Anastasia runs out. Goodbye !

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